We Never Have The Time…….

We have this little rehearsal spot in East Van, a few blocks from the soon-to-be-leveled hipster hang at the Waldorf, and right in the heart of streetwalkerville. It’s north of Hastings, which does allow for some prime views of the coastal mountain range… but also has a very flailing industrial feel. It’s where the magic happens 3-4 nights a week.

There are only 2 jam rooms in the building, which is mainly taken up by a woodworking shop, and I can recall early on in our days there, hearing the sweet heart-on-your-sleeve melodies coming from the room above. We would soon find out that these were the songs of Portage & Main, a band that we have grown to love and call friends.

After sharing many a memorable experience, like say for instance, living through the epic  Green Couch Films/CBC Tracks On Tracks train tour across the country, I can honestly say that these guys can win anyone over. They are honest, hardworking and talented folk, who share as much of a mutual love for beards and denim as we do in The Matinée. And, it just so happens that their new album NEVER HAD THE TIME is set for release, and a mighty fine album it is!

Please take a minute to listen to Portage & Main, they won’t disappoint. If you act now you might still have the chance to get tickets to their album release party in Vancouver as well. Not in Vancouver? Don’t worry, these are the old-fashioned types of musicians who take the show on the long and weary road. They’ll be coming to a stage near you, and you can get their tour listings on their website.


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