This Old Road

Today is the day we’ve been working for the past 6 years. Though, really you could say that we’ve been waiting for this moment all our lives. It is not easy choosing this vagabond life with little to no payback. In fact I wouldn’t suggest it to most. It’s not for the faint of heart.

I can remember when I was just 19 and playing at the old Media Club (before it was to turn into the Green Room, and then back into the Media Club) in Vancouver with my old band. Mike was still our bassist back then. We had just finished our set and were approached by two middle aged men who turned out to be record execs. One was the head of Grand Royal – The Beastie Boys label, and the other worked for Sony Music. They handed us cards, and we set up a meeting with the Sony Rep for the coming week.

We were so nervous as we headed down to Subeez Cafe. We all had the feeling that we were going to be signing a record deal right there. Our lives were about to change. Man were we wrong! There was to be no record deal. What did come of that meeting however, has been far more valuable. Instead, we were given advice, which, for a young band just starting out was exactly what we needed. The Sony rep had lots of positive things to say about what we were up to, and he gave us some harsh realities about the industry we were striving to be a part of. We left that meeting confused as to why we weren’t now signed, but bolstered by our new ally and mentor.

Fast forward to now and we are releasing our first full-length album on a record label. It’s taken us all a lot longer than we ever dreamed but it feels right. Since that meeting at Subeez we’ve all been slugging away in the musical trenches, trying to master our craft and spin our web a little wider. We’ve been fortunate, very fortunate to have an amazing team, loving family and incredible supporters who have been there for us. Now it is finally time for the work to truly begin! We Swore We’d See The Sunrise. It’s not just the title of our album, it’s an ode to how dedicated we’ve been to seeing this through to now.

The words of advice that have stayed with us from that record exec were this. “The view from the top of the mountain is great. But most people don’t ever get there, so just remember to stop and soak in the view on the way up because it’s still a fucking good view. This music biz isn’t easy, it’s a struggle. The bands that make it, depend on all the others to give up along the way because it’s too damn tough. What band are you going to be?”

We never gave up. Fact is it’s just too much fun.

Thank you Lyle for giving a young band all that advice back then, and for your friendship along the way.

Our record is now out on iTunes on Light Organ Records.



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